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A Work of The
Nation's Youth

Fajar Sidik Abdullah Kelana was a son of a farmer who was born and raised in Sragen, Central Java. After graduating from Mechanical Engineering UGM, Fajar continued his studies in the field of Innovation Management & Product Development at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden. He uses the knowledge he gained to come back to his nation and improve the food system in Indonesia by creating innovative technologies in agricultural and fishery production, namely Banoo.

Our Goals

  • https://cms.banoo.idunited nations SDG 2nd

    Realizing National And Regional Food Security

    In line with the first SDG point and the Government's Gemar Makan Ikan (GEMARIKAN) program, Banoo has a mission to make aquaculture as Indonesia's leading food sector so that people can enjoy a high quality, high quantity source of protein produced by themselves.

  • https://cms.banoo.idunited nations SDG 14th

    Improving Water Quality, Preserving The Planet

    Our development focus is not only on profit, but also on preserving the environment, both for life above and below water.

  • https://cms.banoo.idunited nations SDG 7th

    Clean Energy, Abundant Production

    Killing two birds with one stone. We manifest this proverb by creating energy-efficient innovations and using alternative energy so that farmers can cut production costs while creating a sustainable cultivation system.