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Invest in water,

Relieve Hunger

Our IoT water quality sensor works with MycroFish to monitor the quality of water and increase the aquaculture yield in an environmentally-conscious manner

Why Banoo?

  • https://cms.banoo.idincrease productivity

    Increase Productivity Up To 78%

    Our MycroFish aerator is equipped with microbubble technology to supply dissolved oxygen evenly down to the bottom of the pond

  • https://cms.banoo.iddigital pond

    Digitalizing Aquaculture

    Easily monitor and control your pond from home, or anywhere

  • https://cms.banoo.idrenewable energy

    No Electricity, No Problem

    Minimize production loss due to frequent electricity blackout with sustainable energy source

  • Productivity

    Meet the oxygen needs of your pond

    Increase dissolved oxygen levels to increase your fish and shrimp production for better profitability

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  • Fiskö

    Your best pond assistant

    Banoo's IoT sensors can detect dissolved oxygen levels, pH, and temperature in water as well as its electricity usage in real-time while automatically operates our microbubble aerators

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  • Banoo Mobile App

    Your pond report, on your phone

    Monitor and control pond water quality to maintain the best performance and maximize pond productivity

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  • Cultivation

    Rancang Pemeliharaan Ikan Konsumsi & Ikan Hias Anda dengan Banoo

    Konsultasikan pembuatan kolam ikan Anda dengan standar kualitas tim ahli perikanan Banoo mulai dari persiapan air kolam, pemilihan jenis ikan, pemindahan ikan, hingga pemeliharaan ikan.

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  • https://cms.banoo.idPeople's Choice Award CISCO GPS Challenge 2019
  • https://cms.banoo.idGrand Prize Winner TFF Challenge 2020

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