Be A Part of Our Journey As The First Digital Aerator

Want to improve water quality without electricity splurging with MycroFish?



*discount until 31 January 2023

  • https://cms.banoo.idmycrofish nozzle


    Higher DO, Healthier fish

    With microbubble technology, our MycroFish aerator can increase dissolved oxygen levels up to 6 PPM evenly and automatically

  • https://cms.banoo.idmycrofish

    Low Cost

    Efficient energy usage

    With only 110 watts, MycroFish's performance is equivalent to an aerator requiring 4x more power

  • https://cms.banoo.idmycrofish underwater

    Balance dan Flex

    Floating system designed to fit every pond condition

    The submersible pump installation which floats in the middle of the pond allows MycroFish to generate current without causing upwelling

Mycrofish Technical Specification
  • Weight

    11 kg

  • DO maintained

    6 ppm (with density of 100 fish/m³)

  • Power Consumption

    110 watt

  • Pump type


  • Dimension

    68 cm x 68 cm x 80 cm

  • Spread Area

    6 m